Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Two books I couldn't finish

I very rarely put down a book and this month I gave up on two.  Perhaps I'm just getting less patient with age.  While I can't justify writing a thorough review for a book I haven't read, I just thought I'd mention them.  

Twin Studies by Keith Maillard

This is a long (500 page) book and I struggled through about half of it before I decided I really didn't care about the characters enough to continue reading.  In short, it's about an identical twin, Dr. Erica Bauer, who studies twins.  She is approached by a pre-teen pair of fraternal twins who strongly believe they are in fact identical and want her confirmation.  

So the book is about those twins, friends of theirs who are also twins, Erica and her twin and the mother of the twins.  All of their lives become intertwined in really weird ways.  But honestly I had no desire to work through another 250 pages to see how it all ended.

All the Lives we Never Lived by Anuradha Roy

I waited on the library waiting list a long time to get this book as I usually really like books set in India.  However this one just moved too slowly for me.  According the the book's synopsis we are supposed to hear about Myshkin's quest to find out what happened to his mother who abandoned the family when he was a young boy.  But I made it more than a third of the way through and, while Myshkin as an old man has told us that his mother left with an "Englishman" who was really German, his reminiscences didn't yet get to that day.  I admit I'm sort of curious about what happened, but not enough so to slog through more of this book.

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