Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Huntress by Kate Quinn

The Huntress refers to an infamous female Nazi who was known for her brutal killing of unarmed Jews and Poles, particularly children.  Following World War II, the Huntress becomes the hunted.

The book is written from the perspective of three different characters - in alternating chapters.  First, Ian Graham, a British war correspondent turned Nazi hunter.  He has a particular interest in the Huntress and he believe she may have been involved in the murder of someone close to him.

Second we have Nina.  Born and raised in Siberia, and terrified of the cold lake and her drunken father, she escapes to join the Soviet army.  There she becomes a navigator who is part of an all female flying squadron.  She finds peace in the air and with the sisterhood she embraces there.  But when she finds herself across enemy lines she too must escape the Huntress.  As one of the few people to survive her, Nina is also driven to find her.

Finally, seventeen year old Jordan is growing up in post-war Boston.  She is determined to become a photographer, like her heroes who photographed the second world war and the Spanish Civil War.  However, her rather conservative father steers her toward marriage and taking over the family antique shop.  Everything changes for Jordan when her father (who is a widower) brings home a new wife.  Jordan is suspicious of her and delving into her past becomes an obsession.

Over the course of the book we see how these three disparate characters cross paths and we learn where the Huntress has been hiding.

While much of the plot was predictable, and the characters were a bit unidimensional, it wasn't a bad read.

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