Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

This is a romantic comedy with a twist - it is modelled on one of my favourite guilty pleasure movies, Pretty Woman.

Stella Lane is a brilliant econometrician whose mother is pressuring her to get married and have babies.  The problem - Stella is on the autism spectrum disorder and struggles in intimate relationships.  Her past sexual experiences were very unsatisfying for her.  So, being the logical economist that she is, she decides to hire a professional escort to teach her.  She figures practice with sex will make her perform better.

She lucks out when she hires Michael.  He's a Vietnamese/Swedish tailor who is struggling to pay his debts after his father, a con artist, abandons the family and his mother is diagnosed with cancer.  So even though he really likes Stella, he can't afford to say no to her offer to pay him to be her "practice boyfriend".   He has no desire for a serious relationship as he's afraid he'll turn out to be like his father (especially since Stella has lots of money that she's willing to share).

As would be expected in any good romantic comedy, both parties develop feelings and fight them.  But some great scenes ensue - especially when Stella meets Michael's large family and when he runs into former clients in some awkward places.

I think this is a really well written and fun book if you like this genre.

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