Friday, July 13, 2012

The Colour of Tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe

This book is as tastefully written as the French macarons so central to the story.  Grace Miller is an English woman married to an Australian who has moved to Macau for a job in the casino construction business.  Grace never went to college and has worked as a waitress in Australia and London but finds herself at loose ends in Macau out of work and having just received the news she will likely never conceive a baby.  After pulling herself out of a depressive fog she sets out to open a cafe where she serves tea, coffee and homemade macarons modelled on those she remembers savouring as a child in Paris.  Through the cafe she makes friends - with another lost expat, a Philippino woman who works for her and an old local woman and her rebellious, and pregnant, young granddaughter.  She also finds herself, and in the process finds her way back to her husband and comes to terms with her abandonment of her mother.  Each chapter is named after a macaron and you can just taste them every time they are described.  A really pleasing book to read.

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