Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chick Lit Long Weekend

It was a long, hot, lazy weekend so my taste in reading was rather lazy too.  First I read Letter from a Stranger by New York Times bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford.  Unless her other books are markedly better, it's mind boggling to me that she could be on any best seller list.  Though the premise of this story was somewhat interesting (a young woman receives a letter from someone telling her the grandmother she believed to be dead needs her - but gives no return address so she must track her down and learns secrets about herself in the process) the writing style is so awful and trite that it was difficult to force myself to finish.

Next I read On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah - it was her usual tearjerker story with a happy ending.  But at least she writes reasonably well.  This book dealt with a woman who has spent her adult life as the wife of a successful lawyer in LA.  When he asks for a divorce out of the blue, she returns to her small home town in rural Washington State.  There she meets her first love who is recently widowed and struggling to raise his traumatized child.  No need to explain what happens...

Finally, I read Second Honeymoon, by Joanna Trollope, the British master of chick lit.  Her books are well written though predictable.  This deals with the all too common scenario of a couple on the verge of becoming empty nesters when all of their grown children return home.

I like the excuse of summer to read light books and have a long list of beach reads to work my way through.

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