Monday, December 2, 2019

Love Lives Here by Amanda Jetté Knox

This is a very interesting autobiography of a woman's family life - and how she becomes a successful social activist in order to support her family.

Amanda lived a fairly unstable life - she never knew her biological father, she was bullied mercilessly at school and she struggled with alcoholism as a young teenager.  As a result she grew up never feeling like she really belonged.  However, when she married the love of her life at age 20 and had three children she thought she had found the stability she craved.

When only 1, her middle child who she thought of as a boy came out as transgender.  While this was entirely new territory for her, she supported her fully and fought in every way she knew how to find the support her daughter needed.  Her spouse and other two children were also supportive, but her spouse continued to be very unhappy.

Less than a year later her spouse also came out as transgender.  For a long time Amanda thought this might be more than she could handle, especially when she was unable to find positive role models for a marriage surviving transitioning.  However with time she realized how much happier her spouse was now that she was no longer hiding her true self - and that ultimately led to a stronger, happier marriage.

This is a great story of the power of love and acceptance - especially in the face of external criticism.

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