Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Dangerous Act of Kindness by LP Fergusson

I chose this book because the online library platform, Overdrive, was making it available to anyone without a waiting list.  It was worth reading though was somewhat longer than it needed to be.

The novel tells the story of a British widow, Millie, who discovers an injured German pilot, Lukas, whose plane has crashed near her farm during World War II.  As he has landed during a terrible snow storm, and she knows he will be killed by locals if discovered, she makes the dangerous decision to take him in and hide him.

During the course of the storm they discover that despite being on opposite sides of the war they have a lot in common - her husband died by suicide, as did his father - and both of them were the ones to discover the deaths.  They also fall in love (perhaps a tad too predictable).

When the storm ends Lukas must leave the safety of Millie's home and is eventually captured.  He goes to great lengths to avoid confessing her involvement in his rescue.  Despite that a local rogue police officer suspects her treason and harangues her relentlessly despite orders from superiors to leave her be (think Javert's hunt for Jean Valjean).

The story follows what happens to Millie and Lukas through the course of the war and several years after.  While it was interesting I did think it could have been wrapped up more succinctly.

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