Friday, July 28, 2017

The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin is one of my favourite summer authors and this book was one of her best yet, in my view.  Of course, you should not expect high literature, just light summer beach romance reading.  I probably liked this one the best as, unlike her other novels which take place only on Nantucket, this one took place on Martha's Vineyard too.  Given my greater familiarity with the Vineyard, I enjoyed picturing where the events were taking place.

As the name suggests this book is about identical twins Tabitha and Harper.  When the girls were 17 their parents divorced and a game of rock paper scissors determined which daughter would live with which parent.  Tabitha ended up on Nantucket and still lives there with her mother and daughter.  She is running a store showcasing her mother's designs and it is doing terribly.  To make matters worse her 16 year old daughter is getting into terrible trouble at school.

Harper lives on the Vineyard with her ailing father, having an affair with a married man, dating another more suitable man and working a dead end job, having made a mess of a more respectable one.

Tabitha and Harper have not spoken for use when fate intervenes and they decide to temporarily switch islands - and try to solve each others problems.  The story of their love lives, attempts to help each other, their relationship with their parents and Tabitha's daughter, as well as a few humorous cases of mistaken identity make for light, fun summer reading.

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