Friday, June 16, 2017

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer

I know summer has arrived when I get to read the newest novels by my favourite beach read authors. Nancy Thayer's newest was not her best, but I still enjoyed returning to Nantucket for a summer of beaches, secrets, love and flings.

Darcy Cotterill is a 30 year old children's librarian living in her late grandmother's house on Nantucket.  She had a difficult childhood - abandoned by her father and transferred from one flaky relative to another as her mother pursued a string of men.  Eventually at age 10 she ended up with her paternal grandmother Penny in the house in Nantucket where she first felt a sense of security and was able to fully indulge her love of books.

In her early twenties, just shy of completing her degree in library science, Darcy married Boyz, a handsome high flying real estate agent who, together with his close and boisterous family, swept her off her feet.  It wasn't long before Boyz and Darcy realized they were completely incompatible and Boyz left her for Autumn, an older woman with a daughter, Willow.

Darcy is out in her garden one summer when she learns that Boyz, Autumn and Willow have rented the home behind her for the summer.

In the remainder of the book we read about the complex relationship Darcy develops with 14 year old Willow, her elderly summer neighbour and her grandson, the neighbour on the other side whose husband has an affair with Autumn and Darcy's lawyer turned carpenter boyfriend, Nash.  Though it is called the summer of secrets, none of the narrative is terribly surprising.  But that's what makes it a relaxing poolside read.

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