Monday, February 22, 2016

After You by Jojo Moyes

This is a sequel to the popular book, Me Before You.  It was a bit trashy but an entertaining weekend escape.

In the first book, Louisa Clark gets a job taking care of a bitter quadriplegic, Will, and ends up falling in love with him - only to have to grant his wish to let him commit doctor assisted suicide at a Swiss clinic.

In this book we see how Louisa is coping about two years later.  We hear she spent some time in Paris - as Will had requested she do in a letter delivered after his death.  She is now living in an apartment in London which his money purchased for her and is working in a dead end airport bar job.  She clearly has not fully recovered from his death when she falls off her rooftop patio and is forced to go home to her family's small town to recover.

There at least she reconnects with her parents who she had not spoken to in some time (frankly I don't remember if this was covered in the last book...).  When she returns to London her father encourages her to join a grief support group.  There she meets Sam, the paramedic who helped her after her fall.  After a series of misunderstandings, and some confusion created by Will's daughter that he didn't even know he had, Louisa starts to get her life back on track - with a better job, hope of a relationship with Sam, new friends from her support group and a strengthened relationship with her parents and sister as well as Will's parents.

So a classic happy ending after some tears and laughter.

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