Sunday, September 21, 2014

Up at Butternut Lake by Mary McNear

I just picked this up blindly at the library when I was looking for something to fill a few rainy hours.  It was by no means great literature, but it was a perfect distraction.  Allie Becket is a widow whose husband was killed in Afghanistan.  Still struggling 2 years after his death, she sells her house in suburban Minneapolis, puts her belongings in storage and moves herself and her five year old son, Wyatt, to the cabin in the northern Minnesota woods which was built by her grandfather and where she spent many happy childhood summers.  She is hoping that freed from the constant reminders of her deceased husband, she and Wyatt will be able to move on.

When she gets there the cabin needs work and at first she is troubled by having a new neighbour, the handsome Walker Ford, but eventually she settles into town life as she reconnects with her friend Jax and makes a new friend in Caroline who owns the only diner in town.  She even gets a job working in a gallery.  And, of course, after initial resistance and overcoming both her fears and those of Walker, she learns to appreciate her neighbour.

Not the kind of book I'll remember for long, but it was well written and I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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