Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Best Place on Earth

This is a collection of short stories by an Israeli/Canadian writer.  I wouldn't say the stories are the best I've ever read, but they were reasonably entertaining.  They all focus on Israelis of Middle Eastern descent (rather than Eastern European).  Some are set in Israel, others in Canada and one in India; most deal with young people on their way into the army, in the army or just finished the army.  They give perspective on war, poverty, love, and family issues.  The title story comes from a saying found on one version of the British Columbia license plate - though it is clearly used with irony by this author, and her characters, who are strongly tied to Israel.

Like with most short stories, the characters are not as well developed as I would like, and the plots are unidimensional.  But this is an easy read and I was entertained by it.

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