Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

The first adult novel by Gideon was light and entertaining.  Parts were very funny, the ending was a surprise and the characters were really likeable.  "Wife 22" is a middle aged mother of two who is about to turn 45 - a turning point for her as it is the age her mother was when she died.  She finds herself no longer connected to her husband of 20 years - she feels they're more like roommates.  She's barely tolerated by her teenaged daughter and feels she's losing her 12 year old son too.  So she joins a survey studying marriages and uses her long ago abandoned writing skills to answer questions about her relationship, present and past.  She finds herself strangely attracted to the researcher posing the questions and reading her answers - and for the first time contemplates cheating on her husband.  But as she delves into her marriage she remembers why she married in the first place which brings her closer to her husband - particularly when the truth behind the researcher is revealed.  I recommend this for a relaxing day by the pool or at the beach.

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