Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Roost by Ali Bryan

It's been a long time since a book has made me laugh out loud - but this one really did.  Not that there weren't serious themes explored too.  The book focuses on Claudia, a single, working mother with two children, whose life is in chaos even before her mother passes away suddenly.  Then Claudia must deal with her usually perfect brother who is unable to cope especially after his super organized wife falls into post-partum depression and temporarily leaves him to care for three children, including the newborn, and her father who is not even capable of living daily life without his wife (Claudia has to cut his toenails and phone him to tell him to go to sleep).  But some of the scenes with the children are hilarious including a particularly humorous business trip to Calgary where she inadvertently switches luggage with a young pregnant woman and wears her maternity clothes to a conference and for a disastrous one night stand rather than trying to sort it out with the airline.  As she falls further apart she also must observe her ex-husband pull himself together with a successful art show and a new partner.  In the end you can't help but feel Claudia will muddle through everything successfully as only someone strong and capable can deal with the curve balls life throws with such incredible good humour.

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